Constance Bluebell Faerie


This is the story of Bluebell.

Bluebell Faerie was given away at birth by her owners family, as a little bulb.

Believing she was planted far far away from where she was seeded.

The walled garden, that became her new home, was underneath the Beach Tree.

Flickering in the warm sunlight, listening to the sparrows that nestled in the branches, Bluebell began to grow.

Beautiful blue colour bonnets that curled up at the ends, like the art deco lamp in the window that silhouetted a writer.

Bluebell watched her night after night. The stories of flower magic captured the writers imagination of wanting their stories to be told by moonlight.  

Bluebell made many bonnets while she grew, her six petal starbell smelled of high notes that perfumed from breezes blown in from spring sweetness.

She decided to open a milliner shop to all the stars who wanted to feel the magic.

As once on their heads, their smell of senses will become so sweet and everything will feel wonderful. The five star hat was a best-seller.

Bluebell faerie was then able to trace back where she had come from, and found out;

It was from the garden next door..!



Bluebell Faerie

Have consistency with gratitude, in oneself. For to love oneself you must, before the faerie bringer of  everlasting love.

Enjoy knowing yourself x


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