Daisy Dandelion Faerie

A little fae poem from Daisy Dandelion

DaisyDandelion decided her hair was a mane of mess,

Management did stress.

So one morning a miracle appeared.

Delighted was she, to see straight curls on thee.

A potion she did drink , that made her think differently .

One part Dandelion one part Daisy, writing by ink cap mushroom.

Her senses knocked loss of control , her spiral locks relaxed to unfold.

Gossamer touches unbuttoned her dress, right up to the very top leg no less.

Her head felt fuzzy her tummy too.

What magic was this, mesmerising maddness or bliss.

A fortunate MISS !

Artistic Statement

Inspired by nature, and using her dramatic art experience, Marina (Boothroyd) White animates her pressed flowers.  Collected from secret  gardens, magical woods and the mermaid coastlines of the Wirral and surrounding countryside.


Each character has a magical personality taken from the essence of the flower  – leaf, fragrance, place – that enchants and capture the true spirit of faerie nature.


Marina hopes to share her magical enlightenment & wisdom, to all of you who believe in the love of the faerie nature.

So many people ask me , what is it to be an abstract artist . 

My abstracts are my emotions and influenced feelings.
A photographic negative, a fossil formed if you like, into my soul .. Through all my senses . It’s where I go to discover who I am , it’s a familiar room inside my head .
A story unfolds through a journey in layers, colours and movement .
Methodic and always knowing it is there inside of me as sure as the tide coming in, it’s the one thing in me that never changes or ever lets me down . I can count on a blank canvas to tell the story .

Port Sunlight Rose Flower Faerie


Port Sunlight Rose Flower Faerie

Rosette, Rosa, Tea Rose,

Fascinator,  a ward of garden merit

Excellence – fragrant and reliable .

Attractive – strong & highly desired

Bashful, Demureness, Modest

Gift cards & prints available.

Scented candles –

Port Sunlight Rose Flower Faerie Candle , ignite the magic of the Lady Lever Rose, bringing to those that believe in the enchantment of faerie,  a wish with every light .


Foxmouse Flower Faerie


Foxmouse Flower Faerie

A kind of sadness had befallen on them.

Of living a life under a light that was not their own.

A kind of madness had set upon them

Of living without their throne.

They looked to the heavens, angels and stars

Lord we ask, give us a voice to express ourselves. 

To have a say of our day

Make the sadness go away.

In moments of ice

Foxes and mice.


Foxmouse Flower Faerie symbolises:

What hides behind  you,

can stay behind you.

Into the future.

With charm, quirk & strangeness




A4 & A5 Prints. Other sizes available on request and Gift Cards available